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Visit Sarajevo – facts to know to make your trip better

There should be no plan to visit Bosnia, without a trip to Sarajevo. Sarajevo is not only the country’s capital, it also known for being the most active among the tourism industry of the country. Although there are a lot of things to do in Bosnia, no one should leave out the capital from their travel itinerary.

While planning to visit Sarajevo, there are a few things that tourists need to get in order first. The currency of Bosnia is Bosnian Convertible Marka, and currently it is about 0.6 USD. This makes Sarajevo a relatively cheaper place to visit amongst the heavyweights Europe has to offer. The country’s electricity supply is 230V compared to 220V in other countries. Type C and Type E ports are used all over this country so it is advisable to travel with an adapter. The city’s airport is the primary airport of the country which makes reaching Sarajevo easier than any other city in Bosnia.

One of the most important things during traveling is water, and access to safe and clean drinking water is a must. The tap water is safe to drink right out of the tap, but packing water purifying pills would be prudent. Packing reusable water bottles to refill them from taps can save a lot of money, which would have been spent on buying water bottles instead.

The best time to visit Sarajevo is between May and September, as the winters are extremely cold, and the summers are sunny, and hotter than is preferred for travelling.

When it comes to food, the capital is a vegetarian’s nightmare. The entire culture of the country, is meat-heavy. Apart from this, a very few people speak English, so it is troublesome for vegetarian travelers to communicate with the people about how they want their food. However, this can be easily avoided by buying fresh food, and fruits from the market. Carrying dry fruits when going on the city tour would eventually help vegetarian tourists keep their tummies full without having to consume meat. It would be even better for vegetarian tourists to learn how to say “I am vegetarian” in Bosnian.

The internet situation in Bosnia has developed a lot after 2010, so connectivity is of no issue. The internet is more or less available, and there are a lot of free Wi-Fi spots in the city. Mobile data is good as well, and a lot of hostels, and hotel offer Wi-Fi- on a complimentary basis, which means allows tourist to stay connected during their visit to Sarajevo.

One of the most important things to consider before visiting any foreign city is how safe is it? Crime is low, and especially crimes against tourists are rare, which makes for a safe trip overall. The biggest threats to tourist when visiting Sarajevo are pickpockets. Tourists have to stay extra vigilant in crowded areas, and local transport. Although crime rates are very low, it would still be advisable to get travel insurance just in case.

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